Published on the 26th June 2017, A People’s Food Policy is a grassroots initiative offering direct policy recommendations for a better food and farming system in the UK. It is a collaboration between the many groups and organisations active in the food sovereignty network and those working for a more just and sustainable food system.

Currently, the work is being co-ordinated by representatives from: Land Workers Alliance, Global Justice Now, Ecological Land Co-operative, Centre for Agroecology Water & Resilience and the Permaculture Association. It is the clearest and most concise vision of a fairer and more socially, economically and ecologically just food system to date, covering areas of governance; food; health; land; labour; environment; knowledge; trade: and finance.

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Food sovereignty lies at the heart of this endeavour, the principles of which inform this groundbreaking document. Popular misconceptions of the term are corrected and a firm stance is taken of the positive role the Food Sovereignty framework plays in placing producers, distributors, food workers, and those who eat food at the heart of food systems, advocating for a rights-based, democratic and participatory approach to food policy- making.

We must remember that Food sovereignty has been developed and supported by those worst affected by the current food system, and by the biggest farming and food workers’ unions around the world.

Food Sovereignty specifically and clearly advocates for are localisation of production; agroecology; and sustainable access to, and protection of, natural resources. Food sovereignty makes it possible to develop culturally adapted food systems that prioritise nutrition, health, and the environment

The Peoples Food Policy offers us a genuinely useful and potent tool in the ongoing fight to challenge the neo-liberal dogma that is preventing us from taking on the responsibility of creating a fairer, more just and compassionate society. But it is just a beginning.

There are now plans to develop the policy into a Wiki-website with links to existing good policies here and around the world, and case studies of good practice and with further funding printing copies of “A People’s Food Policy” can be distributed. Of course, there is nothing like meeting face to face to develop ideas and strategies, and so there are plans underway to organise a People’s Food Summit in the Winter of 2017/18 to build the movement and plan the next part of the campaign.

Already a strong movement for justice in our food system is emerging, a movement in which we are all connected, and a movement that has the potential to become very powerful. Let us now join together so that we can turn our vision for a better food system into a reality.

DOWNLOAD: A Peoples Food Policy


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