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Mycogeneration: Fungal Convergence

When: October 5th & 6th, 2018

Where: Coed Talylan, Llangadog

Cost: £50

Fungal mycelium from an unidentified species of fungus, growing across a decomposing leaf. The mycelium is the vegetative part of the fungus and is made up of a mass of thread-like hyphae. Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica. May.[/caption]

This weekend gathering of mycophiles is open to those who have …

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Carpentry – Volunteer Week

4th-10th of March 2019

We invite all keen wood workers to come to our woodland and enjoy a week of carpentry and green woodwork here at Coed Taylan. You will be able to enjoy our woodland and the wonderful resource for wood work that it brings just at the break of spring!

Over the last year we have had the …

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Fungal Foray – Coed Talylan

Saturday 12th October
10:30am – 2pm
Coed Talylan
Our fungal foray at Coed Talylan this year will be held on the  Saturday 12th October.
The foray takes place in the morning and is followed by hearty mushroom lunch, hopefully with mushrooms froaged from the woodland!
We will be exploring the 70 acre woodland at Coed Talylan where you will
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Volunteers – Mushroom Cultivation

What: Volunteer work exchange to learn about mushroom cultivation

When: 18th March – 1st April, 2019

Where: Coed Talylan, SA19 9DR

Interested in learning about mushroom cultivation and have a week or two free for a work exchange this spring?

Well, Coed Talylan are looking for willing workers on a mushroom farm to help inoculate logs with …

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