We believe in the importance of placing the meaning of the home at the heart of the wider movement for agroecology and food sovereignty as a force for social change. By developing co-sufficient housing solutions in support of a new era of agroecological land and resource management we can create a more resilient, healthy economy for the future of all our communities.

In the pursuit of co-sufficient rural development rather than idea of the “self-sufficient” smallholding, we percieve shared ownership models such as co-housing as a means of enabling more people to share this vision.

Cohousing is becoming an ever more viable option for people seeking long term housing solutions that can give them security of tenure while at the same time providing them with the safety and comfort of living with other like minded people with a concern for creating a nourishing and sharing environment.

Cohousing is not necessarily the sharing of one house by many occupants. It can be a collaboration of many households using a shared ownership structure.

To learn more about cohousing and whether it might work for you see our co-sufficiency resources page.