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Well done chippies!

In 2018 we saw many aspiring women woodworkers come to our land to learn the basics of carpentry.

It has been an absolute pleasure to see how these women went from never having used tools much to use such as an impact driver, chop saw and circular saw with confidence.

The courses continue in 2019. We have added an extra …

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The Rocket Mass Heater

Here is our rocket mass heater: A classic j-shaped rocket stove. It is made of firebricks and housebricks, cob and ducting. It burns very cleanly, and stores the heat tremendously. It was built in our woodland cabin, a suspended wooden structure, which has very little thermal mass.
Installing this mass heater means that the cabin now can regulate its temperature …

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By Sara Tommerup

In April we ran a course at Coed Talylan in South West Wales, just for women. The course was a carpentry course and introduced women with little to no prior skills to build with timber. Although this may not sound so extraordinary, it is an achievement because of the surprisingly low number of women in the carpentry …

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Carpentry for Women Natural Builders

This popular introductory course is for women who feel they lack the carpentry that invariably belongs to all building projects, be they wood, straw bale, earth, stone, brick etc. No experience necessary.

Over the five days of this course you will be led through all the essential parts of constructing a building, from sub flooring to roofing, working on a …

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Mobile Landworkers Cabin – For Sale

Last year Sara Tomerup built the first prototype mobile landworkers cabin. It is our hope that we can help a new generation of farmers find their way back on to the land, living more closely with the land, using temporary mobile housing like this as a means to getting themselves established.

We are selling this first cabin to raise money …

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Latest Newsletter, Issue No.7

In this, our summer newsletter of 2017, we have links to updates about our current projects as well as the courses and events we promote on behalf of our members.

Follow the link below and thank you for your support.

Newsletter, Summer 2017, Issue No.7



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OPD Jam: Review

In April we ran an experimental “OPD Jam”. Twelve adults, two children and a dog set about trying to write an OPD application in a weekend. Of course, this was a little over ambitious, really, the goal was to get a feel for the practical aspects of writing an OPD application.

For those of you new to the term “OPD” …

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A People’s Food Policy

Published on the 26th June 2017, A People’s Food Policy is a grassroots initiative offering direct policy recommendations for a better food and farming system in the UK. It is a collaboration between the many groups and organisations active in the food sovereignty network and those working for a more just and sustainable food system.

Currently, the work is being …

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A Place for Mass Heaters

In the UK the idea of how to heat a home and how to conserve heat seems to have been muddled up considerably over the years. Perhaps it has been the relatively changing weather within our present interglacial period that has made it unpredictable what building techniques and designs best to use. For example, during the last hundred years, periods

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Newsletter, Winter Issue No.6

If you haven’t received our latest newsletter through our email list you can read it by following the link below:

Newsletter, Winter Issue No.6


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