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I would like to extend an invitation out to everyone who has been on our carpentry course to come and help practise some more here in our woodland in Wales. Our One Planet Development has been accepted and we now have endless amount of interesting carpentry to be getting on with, as well as roundwood, cob, green roofing, etc.

If you are interested in coming along (you will be fed!), sign up as a volunteer and come learn some more. Just let us know what you are interested in and we can let you know the dates when we hope to be focusing on those particular aspects. Although it won’t be a course as such there will be thorough instruction with the opportunity to learn a huge amount. Come, come – the more the merrier! Ps. This is open to everyone, not just previous course participants!

Here below are some photos from the 2019 courses! Thanks to all our alumni for contributing with photos.

Raising and bracing a stud wall
Practising with the circular saw
It opens, yeah!
Hanging a recycled door
Concentrated chiseling
Bracing a brace
Marking out rafters
Building with wood in the heat – there is no better way to spend summers! We look forward to it coming around soon again.
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