“Declaration of the International Forum for Agroecology”, 2015
The final declaration of the International Agroecology Forum, organised by Via Campesina and other social movements at the Nyéléni Center in Sélingué, Mali, describes the challenges to the international agroecological and presents 11 principles and 9 strategies to realise agroecology in the framework of food sovereignty.

“Mainstreaming Agroecology: Implications for Global Food and Farming Systems”, 2014
The Centre for Agroecology, Water and Resilience (formerly the Centre for Agroecology and Food Security) released this Discussion Paper on the principles and practices of agroecology and how mainstreaming them can potentially meet the challenges facing agriculture and food production. The Papers calls for a wider use of agroecological approaches in the arenas of research, policy, knowledge management, agricultural extension and concludes with an agenda for action.

“Key Policies for Agroecology in the UK” 2011, Chris Smaje and Cordelia Rowlett
A briefing paper for the All Parliamentary Group on Agroecology

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“From the Roots Up: Agroecology Can Feed Africa” 2015, Dr. Ian Fitzpatrick, Global Justice Now

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Miguel Altieri: Why is agroecology the solution to hunger and food security?

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