We aim to acquire and secure land, resources and technology and provide access to these commonly shared resources to cosufficient communities and co-operative ventures that further our purpose and share our values and principles.

The converging food, energy, and soil crises that we are facing today necessitate a new approach to farming, housing and energy production, through renewed connection with land and place. The ALT is an organisation created to advocate and implement a transition to agroecological methods of land management to help secure food sovereignty, energy independence, and environmental regeneration in a way that is financially viable and socially just. We envision the regeneration of both the countryside and rural economies through the creation of co-sufficient farms grounded in food sovereignty and rooted in agroecological production of food, fuel and fibre.

At the heart of our endeavour is our belief in the importance of placing the meaning of the home at the heart of the wider movement for agroecology and food sovereignty as a force for social change. We hope that through developing co-sufficient housing solutions in support of a new era of agroecological land and resource management we will create a more resilient, healthy economy for the future of all our communities.

With our first land project, Coed Talylan, a 70 acre woodland in the western edge of the Brecon Beacons, Wales, we plan to create a co-sufficient farm through the One Planet Development framework that will exemplify the social, environmental and economic benefits of mutual home ownership for aspiring landworkers.