We are committed to an evolving process of uncovering the purpose of our organisation. The current formulation of our purpose is as follows:

“The stewardship of land, resources and technology towards the creation of co-sufficient community farms grounded in food sovereignty and rooted in agroecological production of food, fuel and fibre.”


We aim to create an adaptable governance process that distributes authority within the co-operative to individual roles and working groups. The importance of our purpose becomes clear as we structure the work of organisation by fragmenting this general purpose into more defined supporting purposes.

In this way the complexity of the organisation can evolve by diversifying into constituent groups and roles that act with their own authority but align with this general purpose. Alignment to the purpose and awareness of it while distributing the work of the co-operative becomes a duty for every member. Through this process the purpose of the organisation becomes an anchor for decision making at every level, as such, it is a key tool and reference point for focusing the collective work of the co-operative.