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4th-10th of March 2019

We invite all keen wood workers to come to our woodland and enjoy a week of carpentry and green woodwork here at Coed Taylan. You will be able to enjoy our woodland and the wonderful resource for wood work that it brings just at the break of spring!

Over the last year we have had the pleasure of meeting many aspiring woodworkers on our carpentry courses, and we now invite you all back here to play some more. This course is also open for other volunteers who would like to join.

The focus of the work is to try and finish many of the projects that we have started and also repair and maintain our woodland. Jobs such as cladding our duck and chicken coop, making a safe banister for our bridge, a new entrance gate, a shave horse, indoor and out-door seating is all on the programme. This will involve some coppicing too.

We will provide the food, all you need is to bring your tools (that combo drill!), gloves, steelies and ear defenders. Some tools we have here for you to borrow. We aim to have a party friday night!

Accommodation will be camping. Thanks to our women carpenters we now have a toilet and shower, so camping wont be too hard! Our cabin is kept snug by our rocket mass heater so there is always a warm space for you. Alternatively you can stay in your vehicle, but let us know if you do this as we only have so many spaces for vans.

Finally, we do ask that you commit the week.

If you are interested, sign up to the event on the right side of this page.

Or fill in the Volunteer sign-up form here:

Volunteer Sign-up Form

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