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This exciting 2-day course will help you prepare for starting and living on a ‘One Planet’ Development. Covering all aspects of the OPD planning process this is a great opportunity to learn everything you need to know to begin designing you’re own One Planet Development home and livelihood.




 Oct 14th & 15th Coed Talylan Cost: The cost of the course is banded on the basis of income and includes food, accommodation and materials:

  • Up to 14K/year £60*
  • 14K-20K/year £75
  • 20K upwards £95

* We accept payments in installments.

We would like to invite prospective One Planet Development (OPD) applicants to a practical weekend workshop where we will collaboratively design an OPD application.

At Coed Talylan we are in the process of submitting an OPD application for two dwellings supported by land based enterprises including horticulture, woodwork, charcoal making and mushroom cultivation.

Based on the concept of a “Sustainability Jam” where people with a common interest get together to brainstorm ideas and resolve a design challenge, the OPD Jam will design an outline OPD application in 48hrs!

It’s and excellent opportunity for those interested in leading one planet lifestyle to get together, talk about your ideas and visit a current OPD project.  You will also get the chance to practice:

  • survey skills
  • group decision making
  • reading for the technical requirements of planning application
  • managing the elements of OPD application
  • applying an Ecological Footprint Analysis


All participants will come away with digital copies of the various elements of an OPD application such as the EFA calculator, subsistence spreadsheets, business plan formats, example monitoring reports, etc.

The weekend cost just £60 to £95 per adult, banded according to income and £10 per child with any remaining proceeds after costs going towards the Coed Talylan project. All food and refreshments are included and participants are welcome to camp on the Friday and Saturday night.


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