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Off Grid Solar Energy

This one day course covers both practical and theoretical aspects to designing and installing your own off-grid solar PV system.  The course will cover the basic maths and physics involved, and well as practical skills for undertaking your own installations.

August 26th, 2017 Coed Talylan Cost: The cost of the course is banded on the basis of
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Off Grid Wind Energy

This two day course gives an introduction to off-grid renewable energy generation with a primary focus on harnessing wind energy.  It covers general principles and practical tips as well as the basic maths and physics involved with designing, making and installing your own off-grid wind turbine.
During the course we will assemble and install a 500W hand built wind turbine.  …

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Mushroom Cultivation

This two day course will provide you with a background in the fascinating world of fungal biology and the core principles and practices that underlie the art and science of mushroom cultivation. By the end of course you will have everything you need to start growing your own mushrooms at home, on your farm, or in your community, including the …

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Charcoal Making and Biochar

Come and join us for this one and a half day course, where you’ll learn from professional charcoal maker John Liversidge, how to make charcoal and biochar at Coed Talylan a 70 acre woodland in the Brecon Beacons, Wales.
We will take you through the whole process of traditional charcoal making using a ring kiln as well as looking at …

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A one-day workshop exploring the role of accounting literacy in making business in the food and farming sector both viable and ethical.…

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Rocket Mass Heater

Learn how to construct a rocket mass heater made out of recycled materials, fire bricks and cob. This mass heater will be given an up-to-date design and finish worthy of a 21st century home. The Rocket stove is an affordable and democratic technology that everyone can build, empowering us to be in control of our own heating bills. Read more

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